Jean-Philippe Durand (aka DJPWeb)

The Game Makers Whisperer


Just another guy

For the past 10 years I've been working at Ubisoft Production Internationale helping dev team to make better games.

I've worked with awesome teams on great projects and with various roles: Assistant Project Coordinator, Online Services Operations Coordinator, Game Content Manager, Line Designer, and more recently Content Director...

Later I will try to write a few articles about what matter to me in video games.

One important part to understand me is to see me as a Gamer but also a Hacker, someone who likes to break things, and rebuild them to achieve new goals, improve them, simplify them.


The ones that matters

Here is a small selection of games I worked on. It's not complete (at all).

Content Director

Content Director

Content Director

Content Director

Senior Line Designer

Line Designer

Line Designer

Game Content Manager

Production Coordination Assistant

To be continued...